I Want Epson to Genuinely Contribute to Society with the World's Most Advanced Technology

Minoru Usui, President

No Technology? No Problem. We Can Create it Ourselves.

Technological aspirations are embedded in Epson's DNA

Since its founding, Epson has always sought to create value where none previously existed by pursuing technological innovation.

We created the world's first compact, lightweight digital printer, the world's first quartz watch, and the world's first photo-quality inkjet printer, whose successors are a cornerstone of the Epson of today. The technology behind these products did not exist before they were developed.

Each of these products was developed from the ground up by Epson engineers who aspired to bring certain value to the world or to create products that would benefit people's lifestyles. Over the years, this approach has become deeply embedded in Epson's DNA.

We have found that we have greater insights and a clearer overall picture of the technologies that we worked so hard to develop and advance. And this, in turn, allows us to maximize the potential of these technologies.

Becoming an Indispensable Company

Committed to changing the world

We at Epson aim to contribute to society and become an indispensable company by continuing to exploit our powerful original technologies to create one-of-a-kind products that others cannot replicate.

With a thorough knowledge of technology and unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities, we are committed to creating products that aim to change the world for the better and genuinely contribute to peoples' lives.

Toward that end, we want Epson to be the ultimate developer and manufacturer with world-class technology that exceeds your vision.