Epson High-Capacity Ink Tank Printer Accomplishes Antarctic Mission

After almost two years since they first arrived at the southernmost point in the Americas,
Epson EcoTank printers have shown their incomparable performance.

Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, started in October 2014 a journey that challenged its own limits by sending its high-capacity ink tank (known as EcoTank in Latin America) printers to remote places in Latin America in order to show the highest performance of its innovative ink tanks.

Pushing the most extreme weather barriers, and as part of the initiative called "Reto EcoTank" (EcoTank Challenge), the company began sending printers to inhospitable and hard-to-reach places in Latin America, where immediate replacement of supplies and devices is complex and even unattainable. Among the selected places to accomplish this hard mission was Base Marambio in the Argentine Antarctic, the southernmost point in the Americas.

Under strong winds and frost, Epson sent in October 2014 the L355 printer with its innovative EcoTank technology. "It has been over a year and a half of daily use without refilling and working properly. They never had to worry about the ink, which seemed endless," explains Juan Carlos Luján, president of Fundación Marambio.

EcoTank fuses the concepts of "Economy" and "Tank" in a printing system which replaces the traditional cartridges with ink bottles that deliver higher performance at a lower cost, maintaining the same printing quality without the need to change supplies so frequently.

Base Marambio is an Argentine station located in the Antarctic that carries out several scientific researches (geological, geophysical, paleontological and ecological, among others). The extreme climate that affects the Antarctic region makes it impossible to have frequent access to the base and limits the possibilities of those who live there to receive supplies and spare parts for their equipment.

"We have accepted the Ecotank Challenge because with temperatures of 30 degrees bellow zero and strong winds, we do not have to worry about refilling ink. And we have not been disappointed about that," explained one of the members of the Annual Antarctic Team.

Trusting the performance of its printers and with the objective of contributing to the important work done at the base, Epson selected this location to provide its products and show the powerful printing performance of its EcoTank range.

Members of the Base Marambio team pose with Epson EcoTank printers.

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