Epson Presents Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. with 50 Pulsense Activity Monitors

Epson recently presented 50 of its latest Pulsense activity trackers with built-in heart rate monitors to the Matsumoto Yamaga Football Club, a team in Division I of the J-League for whom Epson serves as the main sponsor.

Yoshiyuki Moriyama, the chief operating officer of Epson's Wearable Products Operations Division, presented the activity monitors to Fumiyuki Kanda, president of Matsumoto Yamaga F.C., at a ceremony held on August 17.

Mr. Kanda spoke first, saying, "Until now it has been difficult to quantify exercise intensity, but these Pulsense activity monitors will allow us to capture objective data that we can use to improve the training of our players and, I believe, help give us a competitive edge."

Mr. Moriyama followed him, saying, "Pulsense tracks your heart rate, exercise intensity, calories burned, sleep quality and state of mind-whether you are excited or relaxed. You can easily review the data on your smartphone or PC. I am excited for Matsumoto Yamaga to use Pulsense in its training regimen as a way to help players improve their conditioning. In the past most heart-rate training required an uncomfortable chest strap, but Pulsense accurately tracks your heart rate directly at the wrist."

The Matsumoto Yamaga F.C. players wore the turquois blue Pulsense wrist bands during a practice session at the Karigane facility in Matsumoto on September 2.

The team's conditioning coach said that he will analyze the data captured by Pulsense on a PC and use it to improve training efficiency.

Epson will continue to support Matsumoto Yamaga with wearable products that utilize Epson's unique precision sensing technologies.

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