Epson Projectors Demonstrate Reliability and Performance in Haiti Education Project

Epson is proud of its full lineup of interactive and ultra-short throw (UST) projectors for education, and has built up a worldwide reputation for quality, reliability and performing in the toughest of conditions. Using Epson's original 3LCD technology, Epson's lineup of education projectors boasts high-quality images with equally high white and color light output for vivid colors and bright images, even in daylight.

In France too, the company's projectors have developed a good reputation in education circles. It was therefore no surprise when Epson projectors were selected in a French government project to support education in underdeveloped countries. In the project, schools are provided with systems including software content and hardware, including Epson UST projectors. Haiti was one of the countries that received French government support.

Epson France was invited by the French foreign ministry to contact Haiti Futur, a local organization leading the project locally. Initially, 150 projectors were delivered to Haiti from France and - despite being used in a sometimes harsh environment - have been used every day for nearly two years with almost no failures.

Since then, Haiti Futur has pressed forward with its program and has received support in many forms including grants from the World Bank and of course the Haiti government. The organization also keeps in regular contact with the Japanese consulate in Haiti. Two years ago they even received an award and money from the Clinton foundation in Washington DC. To ensure the projectors are kept in top-rate condition, Epson France's service department has trained five local technicians who are able to conduct local maintenance and repairs.

To date the French government has provided Haiti Futur with 650 interactive UST projectors, which represents only a small part of the eventual target of supplying projectors to 30% of the classrooms in Haiti.

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