Epson Teams Up with Urbanscreen Artists to Present Spectacular "320° Licht" Projector Show

- Exhibition to Run until December 2014 at the Gasometer Oberhausen -

The exhibition "Der schöne Schein" runs from 11th April to 30th December 2014 at the Gasometer in Oberhausen. The "320° Licht" installation from Urbanscreen is the exhibition's artistic highlight,
image: Sven Siebenmorgen

Covering a surface of 20,000 square metres, "320° Licht" is one of the world's largest and most technically demanding interior projects. "320° Licht" is achieved using 21 Epson installation projectors.
Photo: Wolfgang Volz

The Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany has launched the "Der schöne Schein" exhibition, which will run until December 30, 2014. The "320° Licht" installation from the Urbanscreen artist group based in Bremen is the exhibition's artistic highlight. Covering a surface of 20,000 square metres, it is one of the world's largest and most technically demanding interior projects and is achieved using 21 Epson installation projectors.

Epson's installation projectors will run for more than 230 days and for over eight hours a day at the Gasometer. Seven projector towers, each with three Epson EB-Z10005 10,000-lumen projectors, have been set up inside the Gasometer to illuminate the interior walls, which reach a height of over 100 metres.

"The Gasometer project is unique and illustrates our leadership in the world projection market. It's the kind of project whose extremes demonstrate what our technology is capable of: bringing outstanding content to life", asserts Henning Ohlsson, managing director of Epson Deutschland GmbH. "Urbanscreen's artistic work has created an international sensation. We are convinced that the installation at the Gasometer Oberhausen will attract attention worldwide."

"320° Licht" from the artistic group, Urbanscreen, based in Bremen, is the artistic highlight of the current exhibition, "Der schöne Schein", at the Gasometer Oberhausen. Urbanscreen has achieved international renown with spectacular illuminations of the Sydney Opera House (Australia), Rice University in Houston (USA) along with the light and sound compositions at the Kunsthalle Hamburg, the Kunstquartier Wien and Bauhaus Dessau.

"Der schöne Schein" is an exhibition presented by the Gasometer Oberhausen GmbH under the general management of Jeanette Schmitz. The curators are Prof. Peter Pachnicke and Wolfgang Volz, who have been responsible for successful exhibitions such as "Das Auge des Himmels", "Sternstunden", "Magische Orte" and Christo's "Big Air Package" at the Gasometer Oberhausen.

About the Gasometer Oberhausen

The 117.5-meter Gasometer Oberhausen went into operation in 1929, and has become one of the city's distinguishing landmarks, an impressive document of architectural and technical history and a spectacular event location. Since 1994 it has been an integral part of the cultural landscape in North Rhine Westphalia. With more than five million visitors attending its 13 largest exhibitions, the Gasometer Oberhausen has become a symbol of the region's lively development. In addition, the location also plays host to numerous theatre performances and concerts, readings and lectures where the former gas tank has repeatedly proven the unique spatial experience its interior has to offer. The roof of this "Cathedral of industry" can be reached in a glass panorama elevator and offers a view out over the entire western Ruhr district.

See the exhibition on YouTube:
Epson and Urbanscreen Artists Present Spectacular Projector Show

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