Epson Outlines Innovative and Environmental Solutions for Industry

- Presents unique, cutting-edge solutions at its European Industry Solutions Center -

Epson's president Minoru Usui outlines the company's strategy for the industrial market.

Epson outlined its commitment to offering unique and innovative solutions for industry in two separate events held in late 2012.

In December, global president Minoru Usui hosted a meeting for media and analysts in Tokyo, Japan. At the meeting, he outlined how Epson will leverage its core technologies and other strengths to accelerate the trend towards the automation of manufacturing and the digitalization of printing, and generate new value for customers.

To put these plans into action, Epson has launched a wide range of products including industrial robots and IC test handlers for the factory floor, and systems for printing textiles, outdoor signage, labels, and even OLED displays. The following slide illustrates the company strategy.

Material used by President Usui to explain Epson's direction in the industrial market

Opening ceremony

At Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf in Germany, Epson Deutschland GmbH (Epson Germany) emphasized this customer-centric strategy with an event to announce the renovation of its European Industry Solutions Center. The event was attended by Johannes Remmel, minister for the environment of North-Rhine-Westphalia, and Epson executives including Henning Ohlsson, managing director of Epson Germany, and Hiromi Taba, president of Epson Europe.

Johannes Remmel (left), opens the center with Ohlsson and Taba from Epson.

Remmel watching an Epson Pro Six-Axis robot in action at the new center.

The center, which initially opened in 2008, is used to demonstrate the latest solutions and developments in robotics and printing for professional customers. However, with Epson's increasing emphasis on the industrial sector and a growing lineup of products Epson Germany decided to extend the center. After a complete renovation during summer 2012 it was reopened with floor space expanded from approximately 400 to 650 m2.

"Innovation saves energy," said Ohlsson. "At the center we present numerous leading-edge applications that help to lower energy consumption. These include, for example, energy efficient robots used to manufacture remote controls for use in cars and also an application that handles bristles for toothbrushes. Epson's energy-saving solutions are underlined by the center itself, which is powered by electricity produced by a photovoltaic power plant on the roof."

Professional customers require integrated solutions

In addition to large format printing solutions concentrating on proof printing and fine art printing, the center now demonstrates specialist printing applications for digital signage, labels, textiles and CAD. Offering this broad portfolio of professional printing solutions the Industry Solutions Center underpins Epson's commitment to supplying printing solutions for industrial markets.

Visitors can also experience Epson's innovations in manufacturing. "In the center you also can see integrated solutions for factory automation," explained Volker Spanier, head of Epson Factory Automation for the EMEA region. "Today our customers demand more than the robot itself. They are looking for individual solutions, especially for feeding systems and image processing applications. Epson factory automation solutions are an integral part of the Industry Solutions Center and the center itself is an integral part of our strategy."

Center offers added value for partners

The center also acts as a meeting and information center. It hosts numerous conventions of systems integrators and distributors, and presentations for customers and end users. Due to the availability of even very specialized industrial and professional solutions, German and international customers can use the Epson Industry Solutions Center for their own purposes. Partner companies are convinced. Pierre Huyghebaert, Managing Director, Hupico B.V.B.A., said, "I have already brought several customers from Belgium to Meerbusch, because here I am able to show robot applications in action. I cannot perform this in my company so the Epson Center helps me to satisfy my customers." Heiko Röhrig, managing director, Sales and Marketing, of EGS Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, said, "I often use the Epson Industry Solutions Center due to its advanced equipment and excellent location."