Engineers with Vision

What Technology Development Is to Epson

Creating a new connected age of people, things and information with our efficient, compact and precision technologies

Epson is a product developer, designer, and manufacturer. Our strength comes from having solid platform technologies that originated in the watch industry, including micromachining, quartz, semiconductor, and display technologies.

The goal of technology development at Epson is to create the seeds of future business by crossbreeding new and existing technologies to create new platform technologies that are aligned with macro trends and with our own mid- and long-term corporate strategies.

To be successful we have to exploit our efficient, compact and precision technologies to drive advances in our core technologies, including technologies such as Micro Piezo, microdisplays, sensing, and robotics. We have to turn these into technology platforms that provide ongoing value to customers in the form of groundbreaking products. Taking advantage of advances in information and communications technology will be essential as we seek to generate value that exceeds customer expectations in our efforts to create a new connected age of people, things and information with our efficient, compact and precision technologies.

The Four Innovations

The four areas where Epson will change the world

According to its Epson 25 Corporate Vision , Epson aims to drive innovation in four key areas: inkjet, visual, wearables and robotics.

Inkjet innovation

In printing we will refine our original Micro Piezo technology, and expand into high-productivity segments. In office printing, our aim is to replace laser with inkjet, while in industrial printing domains such as labels, signage, textiles and POD (print on demand) our aim is to accelerate the shift from analog to digital printing. And in answer to demands to reduce the impact of printing on the environment we will roll out our PaperLab papermaking system with its dry fiber technology in combination with compact, environmentally-conscious inkjet printers with the aim of creating a sustainable office printing ecosystem.

Visual innovation

In visual products, we will refine our original microdisplay and projection technologies, and create outstanding visual experiences and a natural visual communications environment for every aspect of business and lifestyles. We are looking to go beyond our traditional projection markets and expand into areas like signage and lighting as we further improve our high brightness, laser light source and other projection technologies. And in smart eyewear products powered by our microdisplay technology, our aim is to allow people to connect with information whenever and wherever they need it. By combining sensing with practical augmented reality solutions, we are looking to drive growth for smart eyewear in both business and consumer applications.

Wearables innovation

In wearables we will leverage our watchmaking heritage, refine timekeeping and sensing accuracy, and offer a sense of status and fashion. Epson's watch business possesses a number of advantages including precision components processing, watch case manufacturing technology, precision assembly and finishing in addition to materials, processing, MEMS, surface treatment and other technologies. We will combine these to produce unique and distinctive products that answer the needs of a wide range of customers.

We also plan to leverage our energy saving and sensing technologies to expand into new markets such as sports and healthcare.

Robotics innovation

In robotics we will combine our core technologies with sensing and smart technologies in manufacturing, expand applications, and create a future in which robots support people in a wide variety of situations. We will advance robotic vision, force sensor, and accelerometer technologies, and create solutions that will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes users to install and set up a robot, thus facilitating factory automation. Going forward, smart factories will evolve, achieving high efficiency through autonomous control and synchronization. We will advance our core technologies to achieve robots that move, sense, and think like humans. We want to use the technologies we establish for manufacturing robots as the base for creating advanced robots that can be used to support people in areas varying from service industries and personal help.

Supporting innovation

Underpinning all these innovation areas are Epson's microdevices. Combining the precision of Epson's quartz timing and sensing solutions with our own semiconductor power solutions we want our microdevices to help create a society with smart communications, power supplies, transportation and manufacturing, and to contribute to Epson's finished products.

Craft a Vision, Zero in on Goals, and Exceed Customer Expectations

Engineers crafting visions of the future

To drive technological development in search of innovation, engineers craft their own individual visions of the future. They share their knowledge and discuss ideas to craft a more concrete common vision for changing the world.

Epson has engineers with expertise in a variety of disciplines, so we are able to broaden the scope of creation via the combination and cross-fertilization of technologies. The engineers then focus on the products, services, and business models that are gateways to the vision, and zero in on goals.

We repeat this cycle numerous times, working by trial and error as we rotate different people in and out of discussions according to their expertise. The end result is that the visions of our engineers take on an even more concrete shape.

Putting the "EXCEED YOUR VISION" ethos into practice

A critical part of our efforts to perfect technologies is fieldwork; that is, the act of going out into the field to listen to our customers. Engineers in particular have to keep an open mind, physically observe customers and discuss issues with them, and think problems through. It is important to identify customers' true problems and close in on them from an engineer's perspective, thereby uncovering needs that customers did not know they had.

A system is needed to allow engineers to learn in the field. Epson sends its engineers to sites at home and abroad to work in the medical field, in laboratories, and in universities. Through actual field experience, they identify needs and engage in specific projects to achieve open innovation.

Epson's "Exceed Your Vision" tagline is a declaration of our commitment to create and continue to provide a value that exceeds the expectations of our customers and society. We at Epson live up to this commitment by driving technological innovations aimed at positively changing the world. We want people around the world to recognize that the value of the Epson brand is world class.