Sensing Technology

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Precision Is King

High Precision Generates Products and Services

Sensor-equipped devices and equipment are all around us. Smartphones contain acceleration sensors and geomagnetic sensors that sense the orientation of the screen. Ovens, air conditioners, and other consumer electronics have temperature sensors. And automatic doors and microwave ovens have infrared sensors. The list is almost endless.

With sensors now a ubiquitous and indispensable part of the modern world, Epson is focused on maximizing sensing accuracy. The reason is that high-precision sensors can acquire more accurate data, and this data can, in turn, serve as the basis for high-value products and services.

Quartz Device & Semiconductor Businesses

A QMEMS element for a gyroscopic sensor is shown balanced on the tip of a pencil lead.

Driving Evolution by Combining the Strengths of Both Businesses

Epson, which started out as a manufacturer of watch parts, has long developed and manufactured the crystal devices and integrated circuits needed to produce innovative watches. Given its history, Epson is the extremely rare company that manufactures both quartz crystal devices and semiconductors, and this virtually unique combination has become a matchless source of strength when it comes to creating superbly accurate sensors.

One of the defining technologies of Epson's crystal device business is its QMEMS fabrication process. QMEMS are micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microfabricated on quartz (Q) substrates. Quartz is used for these miniaturized, high-performance elements (i.e., devices and structures) because of its superior material characteristics, including excellent accuracy and stability. Epson provides the market with QMEMS sensing devices such as quartz gyroscopic sensors. These sensors are used in applications where accurate detection and correction are essential, like camera-shake correction.

Epson's semiconductor business leverages Epson's core suite of efficient, compact, precision technologies to develop and fabricate precision semiconductors that have small geometries and minimal power requirements. The business is skilled at meeting the needs of a wide range of customers, for consumer as well as industrial applications.

Epson, which combines the strengths of these two businesses and continues to promote their evolution, is fertile ground for the growth of innovative, high-precision sensors.

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