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Knowledge Gained by Automating Our Own Factories

Developing robots from a user's perspective

We put Epson robots to work at our own factories, which produce a variety of products, from watches to printers to projectors.
Our state-of-the-art PrecisionCore print heads for Epson's inkjet products are among the key components assembled by Epson robots.
Using our own robots in our own factories has enabled us to compile knowledge for effectively introducing and stably operating them on the manufacturing floor.

Information on automation needs gleaned from our own factories is vital for developing robots from a user's perspective.

Epson robots deployed across our production lines

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An Autonomous Dual-Arm Robot

At the International Robot Exhibition 2013, Epson announced development work on a human-like autonomous dual-arm robot that recognizes objects, freely adjusts the force applied to objects when manipulating them, and makes decisions while on the fly. Epson envisions the new robot automating tasks that previously defied automation because of task complexity or cost constraints.

Epson is moving forward on the commercialization of this autonomous dual-arm robot, and we plan to roll out the advanced technologies established for it to our SCARA and six-axis robots, to provide them with autonomous features, such as the ability to recognize objects and adjust the amount of force applied. This will enable customers to more easily introduce robots to their manufacturing lines to perform a variety of complex tasks, without the need for special programs or peripheral equipment.

Autonomous dual-arm robots that "see, sense, think, and work"

Our goal is to continue to drive advances and innovations in robotics so that Epson robots can support customers in a broader range of fields, including, for example, nursing and rehabilitation.

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