Relentless Innovation in Efficient, Compact and Precision Technologies

Epson has produced numerous trailblazing products that have spawned new eras in technology since the company was founded.

It started with the world's first quartz watch, which brought about a revolution in horology, and was followed by the EP-101, the compact, lightweight digital printer that became the namesake of the Epson brand. This digital printer was a sensational global hit that boasted terrific durability and reliability thanks to a simple architecture. Then came other revolutionary products such as photo-quality color inkjet printers that brought photo printing into ordinary homes and 3LCD projectors that changed the way business presentations were made.

The source that fuels the development of these products are the efficient, compact and precision technologies that we have fostered since the company was founded. Epson is adding and further advancing these base technologies, and we will continue to pioneer new developments through a tireless effort to supply products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.