The Printer that Popularized Home Photo Printing

The Epson Stylus Color inkjet printer

The Epson Stylus Color earned Epson renewed global recognition for printers

No longer reliant on photofinishers or printing services, people today can quickly and easily print stunning photos, web content, and documents in color, at home or at the office. And Epson is a major reason why.

Epson earned renewed global recognition for printers in 1994, when it released the Epson Stylus Color inkjet printer.

The Epson Stylus Color transformed the printing landscape. It was the world's first printer to deliver color images at stunning 720-dpi resolution yet sold for an incredibly low price at the time. Introduced in the day when inkjet printers were used almost exclusively for monochrome drawing and text output, this printer produced richly detailed, photo-quality prints, instantly ushering in a new era in color printing.

The Epson Stylus Color won rave reviews worldwide and contributed significantly to the growth and expansion of the color inkjet printer market. It also had a huge influence on the direction and technological development of subsequent color inkjet printers.

The Epson Stylus Photo, an explosive hit that accelerated the home photo printing wave

The stream of people turning to home photo printing became a torrent in 1996, as the launch of the Epson Stylus Photo inkjet printer opened the floodgates.

Offering fast print speeds and, with a six-color ink set, quality that outstripped even that of traditional silver-halide photo prints, this inkjet printer was critically acclaimed by professional photographers and reviewers and became a huge hit with consumers.

The Epson Stylus Photo color inkjet printer