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PrecisionCore: Advanced Printhead Technology

PrecisionCore printhead technology is an advanced form of Micro Piezo. PrecisionCore represents Epson's thin film piezoelectric (TFP) technology created by merging advanced key component technologies and high-precision MEMS fabrication processes.

From the office to the commercial and industrial markets where production volumes are high and speed is critical, PrecisionCore technology enables superb print quality at blazing fast speeds.

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Fully automated PrecisionCore printhead production lines in Japan

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Print Chips That Enable Outstanding Image Quality at Blazing Speeds

PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip

PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip

At the heart of PrecisionCore is the PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip. This print chip is modular and can be arrayed in various printhead configurations. The PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chip is based on the thin film piezo (TFP) printhead technology that Epson has been using in commercial large-format printers and offers vastly improved basic performance compared to conventional piezo printheads, including faster speed and higher image quality.

Powered by thin-film piezoelectric actuators

The thin-film piezoelectric actuators, which act as pumps that fire droplets of ink, are a mere 1 micron thick. PrecisionCore printheads produce images of remarkable quality at high speed by precisely controlling the shape and volume of droplets fired from the nozzles, each of which is capable of firing up to 50,000 droplets per second.

Printing speed was sharply accelerated by increasing the length of the nozzle plate from 1 inch to 1.33 inches, as well as through advances in our ink control and image processing technologies.

Precision Manufacturing and Assembly

PrecisionCore print chips are manufactured in a unique process that combines state-of-the-art MEMS fabrication technology with Epson's inkjet technology. Completed print chips are precision-assembled with other components to produce printheads in configurations that meet the needs of a particular application. Assembly takes place on fully automated assembly lines that capitalize on Epson's robotics systems.

It is no exaggeration to say that the printheads rolling off the line embody the very best technologies and ideas from across Epson.

Epson's engineers: PrecisionCore printhead manufacturing

Expanding Potential

PrecisionCore chips are modular and can be flexibly combined in different ways to build a variety of printheads, from lineheads for industrial presses to serial printheads for desktop printers.

And the technology is still evolving. We are in the process of establishing the basic technology to achieve greater accuracy and higher density nozzle arrays in the future. PrecisionCore promises to be an enduring inkjet technology platform.

Technical Data

For details on PrecisionCore technology, please see these materials.

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