Microdisplay Technology

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Technology Applied to New Areas

Ultimicron panels for the ultimate in both sharpness and brightness

Applying HTPS technology developed for projectors, Epson has commercialized tiny Ultimicron displays that measure well below one-inch on the diagonal and provide a supremely sharp, bright, full-color picture.

Ultimicron panels were achieved by deploying an Epson color filter exhibiting high color purity and surface flatness for each of the tiny pixels and by arranging the required components in layers. Small and with high pixel densities, Ultimicron displays are mainly used as electronic viewfinders. These displays make it easy for camera manufacturers to make their products more compact, and for users to focus when taking photos.

A New Mode of Visual Communication

Enjoy big-screen, see-through images hands-free anytime and anywhere with Moverio smart eyewear

Moverio BT-200

Epson is using its microdisplay technology to create new tools and modes of visual communication. Moverio smart eyewear is such a tool.

In 2011, Epson released the Moverio BT-100, the world's first hands-free smart glasses to provide users with large perceived images on see-through displays, anytime and anywhere*. Then, in 2014, Epson commercialized the second-generation Moverio, the BT-200. Equipped with sensors to track head movement, the BT-200 is also dramatically smaller and lighter than its predecessor thanks to key advances in optical engineering and manufacturing technology.

*Released in 2011, the BT-100 was the world's first pair of binocular smart glasses for consumers to offer audio-visual content via wireless connectivity. (Source: Epson research)

Moverio BT-2000

The uses and convenience of these smart glasses will continue to rapidly expand as the range of apps created by developers increases. In addition, Epson released the BT-2000 Moverio smart headset in 2015. These headsets have the potential to increase the efficiency of operations in distribution and other industries. Epson is working with companies in various industries to fully tap into this potential.

Moverio BT-300

Epson took its microdisplay technology a stage further with the development of the Moverio BT-300 smart glasses that uses OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology. The brightness and contrast of this OLED display provides wearers with a new type of visual experience.

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Epson will continue to develop its microdisplay technology to pursue new possibilities in visual communication.