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Office Shared Printers

High-Speed Linehead Inkjet Multifunction Printers Combine High Productivity with Low Environmental Impact

High-speed linehead inkjet multifunction office printers are strategic products that will cause a technology shift in office printing,which is currently dominated by laser printers. The WF-C21000 series of high-speed linehead inkjet MFPs are equipped with PrecisionCore lineheads that deliver print speeds up to 100 ppm1, which is about double the 50-page output of a typical office laser printer. Power consumption is about 80%2 lower than that of a typical laser printer.

The places people work is expected to diversify at a faster pace than before. We will fortify our product lineup with an eye toward capturing print demand growth in satellite and shared offices. We will also help our customers improve their productivity, reduce their environmental impact, and lower their printing costs by providing faster print speed, lower power consumption, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

High-speed linehead inkjet multifunction printer

High-Capacity Ink Tank Printers

High-Capacity Ink Tank Printers Support Distributed Printing

High-capacity ink tank printers provide prints at far lower cost than laser printer at about one-tenth3 the cost, in fact and sales have continued to expand, especially in emerging markets in South America and Asia. Sales also took off in North America, Japan, and other countries where ink cartridge printers were the norm. As the number of people working and learning from home in these countries soared, they realized that ink tank printers are ideal for homes that make a lot of prints.

The market for high-capacity ink tank printers is being further galvanized by the entry of competitors. As the pioneer in this category, Epson has built trust and its brand, along with an extensive product lineup that also includes monochrome models that enables us to respond to new printing needs and support decentralization. Moreover, through our products and the replacement of laser printers, we are helping to reduce power consumption and the consumption of resources for consumables.

A4 color multifunction printer

A4 monochrome multifunction printer


Laser printer



1 Comparison of A4 sheet printing costs between an EW-M670FT high-capacity ink tank printer and an LP-M620F Epson laser printer (only available in Japan)

2 Testing was commissioned by Epson and conducted by Keypoint Intelligence. Epson selected four competitor's models from worldwide top four best-selling vendor** in the 45-69 ppm color laser multi-function printer class. Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20600 D4TW (only available in Japan) with 60 ppm. Devices were tested in default mode as per Keypoint Intelligence's proprietary standard energy consumption test methods. Calculations were based on a weekday workload of 2 x 4 hours printing +16 hours in sleep/standby mode, and weekend energy use of 48 hours in sleep/standby mode. A total of 69 pages of workload test pattern using DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML, PDF files and Outlook email messages were printed six times in each four-hour printing period.
** Source: IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker 2020Q2, Units Share by Company

3 Print speed of a WF-C21000 high-speed linehead inkjet multifunction printer. A4, landscape, single-side printing. Print speeds are measured in accordance with ISO/IEC 24734. Actual print times will vary based on system configuration, software, and page complexity.

Commercial & Industrial Printing

Commercial & Industrial Printers

Leading the Transition to Digital Printing

Digitalization is steadily advancing in the commercial and industrial printing markets, where the demand for unique designs is driving an increase in short-run production and where shorter production lead-times are needed.

Epson wants to further expand its business in the growing corporate, signage, textile, and label printing markets, where there is ample room for digitalization. We will help printers minimize their inventory by producing goods locally, digitally.

Printers are Epson's strength. Equipped with Micro Piezo printheads, which are compatible with a wide variety of ink, and high image quality technology, they deliver the output that users envision. Epson also differentiates itself with remote monitoring of printer operations and a color management system that meets the needs of professionals by combining color accuracy and color measurement technology. By leveraging our own strengths and collaborating with partners, we will enable commercial and industrial customers to digitalize their processes, increase production efficiency, and reduce their environmental impact.

'Epson Cloud Solution PORT' remote monitoring system
Corporate (POP Graphics, Posters, CAD)

Large-format printer for POP graphics, posters & CAD

Signage (Signs & Decor)

Large-format printers for signs and displays

Textiles (Apparel & Sportswear)

Large-format dye-sublimation transfer printers for textiles

Digital textile printer

Labels (Package Printing)
Color label printer
Digital label press


Expanding Share and Developing Markets

Environmental impact mitigation and the decentralization of society are megatrends that Epson is responding to by digitalizing a wide range of printing applications with inkjet technology. We will provide new value through open innovation involving inkjet printheads with our core Micro Piezo technology.

The printhead market is expected to continue expanding at an 8% CAGR. Epson will further expand its market share and co-create with partners to develop new industrial applications and markets by capitalizing on the extraordinary performance and production capacity of its unique thin-film piezo printheads. In addition to printheads, we aim to provide inkjet solutions that customers can easily introduce.

PrecisionCore printheads
Inkjet printheads

Visual Communication

Visual Products


Realizing New Possibilities for Projectors

Projectors are portable and easy to set up, and they can project high-definition, high-quality images on a much larger screen.

upgrading engine platforms for laser projectors, which offer outstandingly bright and vivid images, long life, and a high degree of installation flexibility. In addition, we will provide advanced connectedness and smart features, strengthen customer touch points, and deepen cocreation with partners to provide more diverse value.

Education Use: Providing an Equal, High-Quality Learning Environment

Epson is enhancing the quality of learning in the classroom by providing projectors that affordably deliver big-screen images, are equipped with electronic blackboard functionality, and interact with students' devices. We will realize a high-quality, remote education environment by supporting things such as digital teaching materials and cloud platforms for education to provide an equal, high-quality educational environment to all, so that no child is left behind.

Ultra-short throw wall mounted models
Business & Office Use: Supporting Productivity and Creativity

The pandemic accelerated the existing move toward remote work, which is likely here to stay. Meanwhile, meetings, events, and seminars are increasingly being held online. We will support increased business productivity and creativity as these changes occur by providing a satisfying, immersive visual communication environment. We will also help users easily and efficiently manage their networked projectors by enabling them to monitor and control them remotely.

High-brightness models
Signage models
Home Use: Enabling Diverse Lifestyles

Online communication in the home is increasing and lifestyles are diversifying. Not only are more people working and learning from home, but more are going online to engage in interests, hobbies, and fitness activities or enjoy concerts and other forms of live entertainment.

Epson is helping to enrich lives by offering smart projectors that deliver visual experiences tailored to individual lifestyle needs. A lightweight, compact projector that can be carried from room to room may be perfect for one person, while another may want the ability to display a big screen simply by placing an ultra-short throw lens projector next to a wall. Still others may need a projector equipped with high-performance speakers and Android TV to stream content via Wi-Fi.

Home Projectors
Compact models

Smart Glasses

Manufacturing-related & Wearables

Manufacturing solutions

Industrial Robots

Developing Next-Generation Platforms, Rapidly Responding to Customer Needs and Increasing Cost Competitiveness

Epson currently owns the top share1 in the global SCARA robot market thanks to a broad lineup of fast, accurate robots.

Epson is also working on simplifying the robot programming environment. New program development software called Epson RC+ Express Edition has an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that will enable users to easily program robot movements, thus lowering the barriers to robotic automation by customers.

We will strengthen our sales sites in Asia and collaborate with Epson manufacturing sites that have automated processes so that we can respond more quickly with customer support.

1 Market share based on revenue and unit sales of industrial SCARA robots, 2021.
(Source: Fuji Keizai "2022 Reality and Future Outlook of Worldwide Robot Market")

Spectroscopic Camera

Transforming Manufacturing by with a Spectroscopic Camera for Distinguishing Subtly Different Colors

The RGB cameras commonly used in manufacturing inspection processes cannot always capture subtle differences in color. Therefore, inspections of product color and luster are usually performed manually. However, manual visual inspections can allow defective products to enter the market due to individual variances among inspectors and human error.

To avoid such errors, Epson developed a spectroscopic camera that utilizes Epson's optical technology to separate light into multiple wavelengths to obtain spectroscopy images.

Epson's spectroscopic camera automates visual inspections and improves product quality by reliably identifying defective products before they are released and eliminating variations.

Force sensor

Force sensors that provide robots with human senses

In precision work such as assembling delicate parts or fitting parts in narrow gaps, tiny force adjustments are required that depend on human senses. Epson has developed force sensors that use the quartz crystal piezoelectric method, one of Epson's specialty sensing technologies. This technology provides robots with the human senses that are indispensable to a person performing precise work.

Wearable products


Utilize Efficient, Compact, and Precision Technologies and Craftsmanship to Co-create Solutions that Enrich Diverse Lifestyles

Epson delivers watch brands that resonate with new and diverse lifestyles by using our key assets: our efficient, compact, and precision technologies and craftsmanship. With these assets, we can create sophisticated watches that resonate with our audience, touching deep into their hearts and leaving a lasting emotional impact.

Microdevices and Other


Contributing to the development of a smart society with microdevices

With the rapid development of the IoT market, manufacturers need a stable supply of compact, reliable timing devices. We will leverage our crystal and semiconductor technologies to provide products for a smart society.

5G telecommunications and networking services are rapidly expanding. We will continue to strengthen our low-power, high-precision oscillators and high-frequency oscillators for high-speed, high-capacity communications.

In the digitalizing mobility sector, we will enhance our lineup of low-power, highprecision real-time clock modules and other timing devices and will launch gyroscopic sensors for safety systems in self-driving cars.

In semiconductors, we will help to create value in the five areas of innovation with ICs for Epson products and customers' products. The foundry business will continue to operate stably.

Compact kHz crystal unit
Programmable crystal oscillator
Temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)
Real-time clock module
High frequency oscillator
Gyroscopic sensor
LCD controller
Application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC)
LCD driver
Sensing device

Superfine alloy powders

Au-Sn alloy plated wafer


Our Sensing Technology and Algorithm Creates Personalized Solutions for Enhancing Health and Wellbeing, Thereby Enriching Diverse Lifestyles

Epson has sensing technology that provides precise position data, vital data, and motion data. We process this data using our proprietary algorithm to create personalized value that improves the quality of life.

Nowadays, people are looking to achieve their goals regardless of location. Our smart glasses display, in user-friendly manner, visual information that is relevant to the time and place. By facilitating remote assistance solutions and other remote work, the product supports the work-from-anywhere movement.

Optical engine module for smart glasses
(comes with mounted gyroscopic sensor)
Sensing devices
Dynamics analysis system: M-Tracer series