The Epson Way

Basic Policy on Product Safety

Seiko Epson Corporation and the Epson Group recognize that securing customer trust in the safety of the products we manufacture and sell is an important management task. We have established the Basic Policy on Product Safety below based on the Epson Group's management philosophy, which articulates our commitment to customer satisfaction, and actively work to ensure product safety.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with product safety laws and regulations and this Basic Policy, and we conduct all product safety activities ethically.

2. Development of voluntary action plans

We develop and execute voluntary action plans on product safety pursuant to this Basic Policy and make continuous improvements to establish and maintain a corporate culture where the priority is on the customer and product safety.

3. Quality management to ensure product safety

  • We maintain and comply with our own safety standards and rules as well as safety requirements defined by laws and regulations and public safety standards, and we continuously strive to improve them by implementing proper quality management in order to ensure product safety.

  • We place cautionary information or markings to help prevent accidents due to misuse or carelessness on products themselves or in instruction manuals to help ensure that our customers use our products safely.

  • We educate employees and other parties to help ensure product safety.

4. Responding to product accidents

  • We promptly and actively collect information on accidents involving our products and keep our customers and stakeholders properly informed; and, when deemed necessary, we recall products and take other measure to prevent and contain further harm.

  • If serious product accidents occur with our products, we promptly report to the relevant authority in accordance with laws and regulations.

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