Human Resources Development Policy

Our basic approach is to support employees who have aspirations for self-actualization, to connect all the companies in the Seiko Epson Group with people, and to nurture employees so that both corporate and individual objectives are met.
The following is our policy for human resources development.

  1. The Company positions human resources as an indispensable resource and aims to integrate employee aspirations for high-level achievements with the highest interests of the Company.

  2. HR development is a very important instrument for materializing the Management Philosophy and business plans. It is the key to forming a good management cycle.

  3. Each level of employee therefore assumes the following roles.

  • (a) Executives, as drivers of HR development, must serve as role toward fulfillment of Company philosophies.

  • (b) Management-level personnel must practice OJT systematically and continuously with a clear objective for the training. Nurturing of employees must be done principally on an individual basis in a comprehensive manner through the setting of detailed objectives, evaluation of results and acceptance of individual experiences of success. At the same time, management-level personnel must prepare their successors.

  • (c) Employees should voluntarily pursue self-improvement.

  • (d) Departments in charge of education must promote HR development through off-the-job training, as well as OJT.

Established in 1996
Revised on October 1, 2006