General Corporate Citizenship Policy

1. Dedicating resources in designated fields appropriate to the needs and circumstances of each country where we operate

Epson is dedicated to providing support to the community in the following designated fields. Support will be provided in a manner that is appropriate to the country and region of the world where activities are conducted.

  • Education for young people

  • Culture and the arts

  • Community events

  • Environmental conservation

  • Social welfare

2. Improving the communities in which we operate by working as individuals or with groups for the betterment of society

Epson will create a corporate culture in which employees are encouraged to play an active part in the community and charitable causes.

  • Participate in community events and volunteer activities

  • Donate blood

  • Donate funds to charitable causes

  • Cleanup of communities, rivers and waterways, parks and public spaces near to business sites

3. Promoting collaboration with cultural, charitable and educational institutions to contribute to the development of society and preservation of the environment

Epson will initiate programs that enable it to draw on its strengths to work for the betterment of society.

  • Participate in tree planting and other environmental activities

  • Cooperate with schools and other educational institutions

  • Cooperate with employee groups in promoting philanthropic causes

  • Cooperate with NPOs and other external organizations

  • Use Epson products, technologies, and other resources to support philanthropic activities

4. Improving communication with our stakeholders

Epson will create two-way communications with society in order to promote and improve understanding of its philanthropic activities in regions of the world where it does business.

  • Publicize information about Epson's philanthropical philosophy, policies and activities on websites and through other media

  • Publicize information about volunteer activities