Objectives (FY2016-2018)

Epson will take a three-phase approach to realizing the Epson 25 Corporate Vision. The Epson 25 Mid-Range Business Plan (FY2016-2018) is the plan for the first phase. In this first phase, we will continue the strategic initiatives begun under SE15. At the same time, we will also ready solid infrastructure by preparing for product development and making the necessary investment in line with strategies for attaining the Epson 25 vision. Building a foundation for growth during this three-year phase will be an important first step toward accelerating revenue growth and increasing profitability in the phases that following.

Basic Policies

  • In businesses where SE15 strategic initiatives were successful, continue to grow by honing our edge. In business domains where we were unable to fully advance, quickly address issues and establish a path to growth.
  • Ensure growth by creating products and services that deliver customer value in the areas of smart technology, the environment, and performance.
  • Invest management resources as needed to achieve Epson 25, while also taking into account short-term profit growth.
  • Quickly establish new business models, and strengthen sales, support, the brand, and operations.

Financial Targets

(Billions of yen, %)

Category FY2015 actual FY2018 targets FY2025 targets
Revenue 1,092.4 1,200.0 1,700.0
Business profit 84.9 96.0 200.0
ROS 7.8% 8% 12%
ROE 9.5% Sustain at at
least 10%

Exchange rate:¥120.14/ USD, ¥132.58/ EUR
Assumes rates for targets: ¥115/ USD, ¥125/ EUR

ROS (Business profit) = Business profit / Revenue
ROE = Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent company / Beginning and ending balance average equity attributable to owners of the parent company

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