United Nations Global Compact

Epson Participates in the United Nations Global Compact

Epson officially joined the United Nations Global Compact on July 16, 2004, when a Letter of Commitment signed by the president of Seiko Epson was sent to and accepted by the Secretary-General of the UN. The letter expressed Seiko Epson's commitment to the Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.

As a member of society, Epson takes an uncompromising approach to socially responsible corporate conduct in areas such as compliance, human rights, environmental action, workforce diversity, and supply chain management. We take these and other social issues seriously and are working toward solutions. We aspire to make Epson an indispensable company through the practice of ethical corporate conduct and by playing a central role in realizing a better world through the products and services we provide.

See the link below for details about the United Nations Global Compact.