Supply Chain CSR

Procurement Guidelines

Procurement Guidelines/ Epson Supplier Code of Conduct

Epson procures a wide variety of goods and services from outside sources so that we can provide our own customers with products and services. It is therefore essential that suppliers understand Epson's Management Philosophy and support our procurement activities so that Epson lives up to the Management Philosophy.

Epson established the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines in April 2005 to inform its suppliers about Epson's procurement activities and to enlist suppliers' cooperation in Epson's CSR initiatives. Then, in April 2008, Epson established the Epson Supplier Code of Conduct, which is based on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) (now the Responsible Business Alliance, or RBA) Code of Conduct. The Epson Group Procurement Guidelines reflect international imperatives. They are intended to help ensure that suppliers work with Epson as partners to meet quality (Q), cost (C), and delivery (D) obligations and maintain compliance with CSR requirements in areas such as human rights, labor, the environment, ethics, and health and safety. Ultimately, the guidelines are designed to enable us, together, to sustainably provide products that delight society.

Version 4.0 of the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines was released in November 2018 following revision of the RBA Code of Conduct.

Requirements Under Supplier Code of Conduct

The Epson Supplier Code of Conduct, which is stipulated in detail within the Epson Group Procurement Guidelines, is based on the RBA Code of Conduct. It prescribes requirements in the areas of labor, health and safety, environmental, management, and ethics, as well as seven additional requirements that Epson defines as important measures, including trade control and ensuring security in the supply chain. We make sure that our suppliers practice thorough compliance with the Code of Conduct.