Supply Chain CSR

Information about Substances Contained in Products

Information about substances present in products must be accurately communicated to guarantee that restricted substances are not present in products in the supply chain. Use chemSHERPA-AI file to report substances in production materials delivered to Epson.

Please use the data entry support tool provided by chemSHERPA when filling out the chemSHERPA-AI file. Compliance assessment information is mandatory. Composition information is optional. Please also use the chemSHERPA-AI file to submit compliance assessment information concerning chemicals. For detailed information and instructions about chemSHERPA, please see the website below.

[Data entry support tool]

Please use the following versions for reporting to the Epson Group:
chemSHERPA-AI Ver. 2.01 / chemSHERPA-AI Ver. 2.00a (which is usually the Ver. 2.01)

Please export shai files in Ver. 2 format when providing data.

Epson Explanatory Material for chemSHERPA