Supply Chain CSR

Green Purchasing


The Epson Group is working to promote green purchasing of both production materials and general supplies in order to fulfill its mission to create and offer eco-friendly products.
This page discusses efforts by the Epson Group to assure green purchasing of production materials, and specifically addresses the following:

  1. Basic stance
  2. Standards governing operations
  3. Basic survey (Guidelines for Surveying Controlled Chemical Substance Content in Products/Survey response tool)
  4. Additional survey (Explanation of chemical substances subject to elimination in products/Survey response tool)

We hope you will take the time to understand our efforts and will provide us with your support and cooperation.

There are 2 kinds of surveys regarding Green Purchasing; an Epson Group-wide survey, and individual surveys for each operations division. Please ensure you complete all the proper forms.


Green Purchasing Standard for Production Materials Ver. 6
(The latest version: Revised on October 1, 2019 Enacted on January 1, 2020)

Items for Submission

Individual Surveys for Each Operations Division