Our People

Zero Tolerance

Epson is serious about keeping all forms of discrimination and unfair practices out of its operations around the world. This stance is reflected in our participation in the United Nations Global Compact since 2004. In 2005 we documented policies that outline Epson's strong convictions in areas including respect for human rights, elimination of harassment, eradication of all forms of discrimination, respect for local culture and customs, prohibition of child and forced labor, and maintenance of positive labor relations.

We have established services that employees can use to report or consult on abuses of any kind. These services include such things as a harassment hotline, employee counseling service, and Epson helpline. Epson also strives to prevent fraud and other forms of misconduct in a number of ways, including by periodically sharing information with all employees and by raising awareness with bulletins on the intranet.

Policies regarding Human Rights and Labor Standards

Power Harassment Prevention Training

Power harassment is defined as an abuse of authority by higher ranking employees behaving in a manner that causes subordinates physical pain or emotional distress.

Epson maintains a harassment hotline to respond to employees' concerns. In response to an increase in the number of employees reporting instances of power harassment, we rolled out Power harassment prevention training seminars to Epson Group companies as a way to prevent harassment. In fiscal 2015, we carried out training for management (directors and administrative officers) and all managerial staff at Group companies in Japan, with 100% attendance. In fiscal 2016, we expanded the training to leaders and overseas transferees.

Power Harassment Prevention Training