Message from Management
- To Our Stakeholders -

Aiming to Make Epson an Indispensable Company for Our Customers and the World

Minoru Usui

In April 2017, Epson added the phrase "Epson aspires to be an indispensable company" to its Management Philosophy. This phrase is a declaration of our intent to play a central role in realizing a better world by continuing to leverage our original technology to create new customer value. Our reason for being is to enrich people's lives and make society happier. As a company, we have to make a profit, but that profit has to be the result of earning the trust and appreciation of our customers. We revised the Management Philosophy to articulate our goal of becoming an indispensable entity for our customers, society, partners, and employees by achieving sustained growth, which is a sign that we have earned customer trust.

We always emphasize the importance of tackling the needs of customers and society head-on, and of exceeding their expectations. We start by asking ourselves what kinds of products would increase convenience and delight our customers, and what the world needs to enrich lives and increase happiness. Creativity is fostered by encouraging employees to draw on their strengths and to take the initiative. Laser printers have long been the dominant force in office printing, but users are looking for better output at lower cost and higher speeds while also saving energy. We concluded that the only way to meet these expectations was to drive advances in the inkjet technology that we originally developed for consumer printers. After an intensive development effort, we have succeeded in bringing to market a blazingly fast linehead inkjet printer that produces up to 100 sheets per minute. Epson poured considerable effort into the development of laser printers in the past, but we made a strong commitment to reversing direction after taking an honest look at what users actually sought. Epson's mission is to contribute to the world by advancing the technologies from which we draw our strength.

Epson joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2004, and we continue to drive initiatives aligned with the ten principles of the GC relating to human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. In addition to ensuring compliance, observing corporate ethics, and fulfilling our responsibilities at a level that exceeds what society requires, we will demonstrate Epson's unique creativity in CSR by creating value through the products we manufacture. With this commitment in mind, we created in 2016 a CSR Management Office, an organization dedicated to systematically and effectively meeting the needs of society. This organization reports directly to a company director and carries out activities systematically. Corporate conduct that reflects values such as solid corporate ethics and compliance, respect for human rights and diversity, and consideration for the environment is the basis on which we do business.

We will continue to aspire to be an indispensable company that plays a central role in realizing a better world. And we will strive to create new value by advancing our technologies and driving innovation to make the world a happier and easier place to live for all.

Minoru Usui

Minoru Usui
Seiko Epson Corporation