Mid-Term Targets

Environmental Vision 2050 and Mid-Term Targets

Global action is needed to achieve social sustainability, as the contribution that any one company can make by reducing the environmental impacts of its business activities is limited. Environmental Vision 2050 articulates actions for creating synergies with business partners based on our technologies, products, and services and for allowing us to play a part in creating a better world.
To achieve Environmental Vision 2050, Epson sets mid-term milestone targets and has steadily been working to bridge the gap needed to reach them. The company's current mid-term milestone targets are for 2025 and were set by backcasting*5 from its 2050 goals. In March 2021, Epson announced a revised corporate vision, Epson 25 Renewed. Epson 25 Renewed describes the company's aspirations for addressing societal issues and achieving sustainable and enriched communities by working with customers and partners.
The efficient, compact, and precision technologies that Epson has developed since its founding have yielded inkjet technology that reduces environmental impacts and increases productivity along with a host of other technologies that Epson believes can play a major role in solving societal issues and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. We will play to these strengths and work with partners as we seek to co-create high customer value that offers both environmental and economic benefits.

*5 A planning technique in which a desired outcome is first envisioned and then the scenario for achieving the outcome is devised.

Striving to Sustainability

Epson is declaring its intent to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs through its environmental and other CSR initiatives. The SDGs are the world's agenda for sustainable development. There are 17 goals, such as ending poverty and hunger, ensuring peace, justice, and gender equality, and environmental and resource sustainability for future generations. All UN member states have committed to achieving these goals by 2030.

Epson's Environmental Vision 2050 is aligned with the SDGs. We will continue to honestly address customer and societal challenges and will create unique environmental value through our business activities to help achieve the SDGs and a sustainable future.

Solving Social Issues Through Inkjet Technology

“We want to change the world with inkjet technology.”
Propelled by this aspiration, we are advancing Inkjet innovation to help achieve a better and more sustainable future.

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