Preservation of Water Resources

Water and climate change, as well as other environmental factors, are closely linked. Epson's business activities rely on water resources, and the sustainability of water resources substantially affects business continuity. Given this, we are working to preserve water resources by avoiding unnecessary contamination and use, and by recycling the water we do use. We actively strive to increase the rate of industrial wastewater that is recycled in our production processes and to meet strict water quality standards. We are also mitigating our overall environmental impacts, including by introducing more energy efficient water processing facilities. Our efforts extend beyond the water used in our production processes. We ensure that all employees have access to safe drinking water, as well as sanitary kitchens and restroom facilities. Moreover, we make our employees aware of the importance of saving water and preventing water pollution, and we install water-saving fixtures and sanitation facilities.

2020 Overview

In the FY2020 we employed control metrics benchmarked against previous year usage, and we met our Group reduction target.

2.5% Reduction
Water usage
(compared to FY2019)

Case study

Addressing Water Related Risk

The water-related risks of Epson's production sites were assessed using two global standard tools for water risk assessments: Aqueduct, developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI), and Water Risk Filter, developed by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). These tools assess water primarily from a perspective of physical quantity of water resources and water pollution risks. The results of the assessments showed that no Epson site qualifies for the highest risk level per the overall risk indicators. However, it was found that some of Epson's production sites in Japan, China, Southeast Asia and South America are located in areas with water stress. Moving forward, Epson will continue to act to reduce its water usage and explore water risk assessment methodologies in basins at actual sites.

Water Usage by Region and Baseline Water Stress Map (FY2020)

* The percentage of Epson's total water usage in each region is shown on a baseline water stress map from Aqueduct Global Maps 2.1 (WRI). The size of the circles visually indicates the percentage of water usage in each region.
* This map is a derivative of the World Resources Institute's Aqueduct Global Maps 2.1, created by Seiko Epson Corp. under the Creative Commons license provided by www.wri.org

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