Epson and the Environment

Case study - Reduction of Waste

Topic 1: Making Printer Parts from Used Paper

Epson has established an internal paper resource cycle that uses paper used inside the company as a raw material. For example, we use our dry fiber technology to turn used paper into a raw material for functional recycled parts.

PT. Indonesia Epson Industry (IEI) is our largest printer manufacturing site. Some 12% of the waste created at IEI is paper used in printing inspection processes for printers. We have introduced dry fiber technology to take this used paper and reuse it as raw material for porous pads in printers. The result is a roughly 25% reduction in used paper waste (FY2016 results).

Porous pad production machine

Porous pads, which absorb liquid like a sponge, are included in the maintenance boxes of business inkjet printers and large format printers to boost printer performance. Epson will continue to bring out the potential of paper resources as we develop and take advantage of new high-function parts that enhance product performance.

Maintenance box

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