Reduction of Waste (zero emissions)

Epson is working toward zero emissions by reducing generated business waste and recycling.
Wastes are generated in our production processes, offices, and operations. Wherever possible, we reduce, reuse, and recycle these wastes on-site. Plastic runners from molding processes are recycled, for example. The remaining wastes, including valuable wastes, are recycled by a contractor. We carefully sort and separate wastes and select the best available recycling methods and contractors for each type. We will continue to reduce wastes and to work for general improvement in waste processing methods, including by allying with recyclers.
To help combat pollution from oceanic plastic wastes, Epson sales companies in Europe banned disposable cups and other single-use plastics in their office buildings in April 2019.

2020 Overview

We fell short of our goal of reducing the amount of waste emissions compared to last year, as the 34 t of waste emissions in FY2020 was slightly higher than in FY2019.

2.8% Increase
Wastes emissions
(compared to FY2019)

Case study

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