Epson and the Environment


Fully-integrated, feature-rich compact teller device

As an all-in-one product, the TM-S9000MJ offers a lower environmental impacts while also lightening the work load of tellers by efficiently processing checks electronically.


Electronic check processing: The Faster, Greener Alternative

Paper checks are an integral part of life in the U.S. and some other locales. In the past, banks would physically mail checks to one another for processing, but legal changes and technological advances have made electronic check processing standard. With the TM-S9000MJ, Epson supports electronic check processing, which not only lightens the work load on banks but also reduces the environmental impact by eliminating the need for physical transport.

ALL the required function in a single unit

The TM-S9000MJ combines check scanning, endorsement and receipt printing functions in a single device. In addition to having a small footprint that saves space at the teller counter, this all-in-one device is fast and easy to use. By maximizing work efficiency and eliminating the need for several separate devices, the TM-S9000MJ helps save energy and resources.

  • Support the digitalization of the check settlement process and also greatly reduce the environmental impacts related to physically transporting checks.
  • The functions necessary for the tellers are integrated in one unit, reducing the environmental impacts related to energy use, resources and so on by making separate equipment unnecessary.