Epson and the Environment


An all-in-one printer small enough to place where you want it

Released in 2015, the Expression Premium XP-630 was engineered to be as compact as possible while containing a large number of functions. Smaller products use fewer materials, have smaller retail boxes, and are thus more efficient to ship.

Expression Premium XP-630

Improving transport efficiency with smaller products and packaging

Smaller, lighter products

Smaller retail boxes

Greater product transport efficiency

Resource-saving features

The printer warns you when the selected paper size and type do not match the print settings and checks the actual size of the paper. So even if you accidentally select the wrong settings, you can avoid wasting ink and paper. You can use the copy preview feature to check and adjust copies before printing them. This helps you avoid misprints and save money.

Energy-saving performance

Reduction in total power consumption per day

Equipped with a power-saving SOC (System-On-a-Chip), the printer is compliant with the ENERGY STAR® program, Ver. 2.0. It saves energy using a power off timer function and moves to a low-power mode in a shorter period of time.

  • Compact design. Offers the customer more freedom when it comes to installation location and reduces the environmental impacts.
  • Save power and its cost using the power off timer function.
  • Save paper and its cost using the copy preview function, which enables users to check and adjust copied documents, helping to prevent misprints.
  • Less environmental impacts and save power with Mercury-free LEDs as light sources.