Epson and the Environment

New Perspective

Revamping the Photo Printing Workflow with Inkjet Minilabs

Epson inkjet minilabs are easier to maintain than traditional silver-halide photofinishing equipment. In addition to streamlining the photo printing workflow, they save maintenance costs, help to mitigate resource consumption and reduce the environmental impacts of the printing process.

Inkjet Minilab SureLab SL-D3000

Efficient Photo Printing with Digital Printing

Silver-halide minilabs require chemical adjustment and calibration in the morning, as well as waste fluid processing and cleaning at the end of the day1. The SureLab SL-D3000 inkjet minilab, however, does not require any special maintenance at startup and shutdown. Inkjet minilabs dramatically improve the photofinishers' work environment because, without chemicals, there is no waste liquid to be processed, no parts to be cleaned, and no chemical smell.

1 According to Epson research.

Eco Features

SureLab SL-D3000
  • No chemicals means no liquid waste.
  • No washing process means no water hookup is needed.
  • Compact body has a 2.1 m2 installation footprint2.
    The compact design allows greater installation freedom.

2 Without sorter option

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