Epson and the Environment

2025 Goals

Epson 25 Corporate Vision Environmental Statement

Contribute to the development of a sustainable society by leveraging efficient, compact and precision technologies to reduce the environmental impact of products and services across their life cycles.

Epson will continue to drive improvements in the basic environmental performance of its products in addition to reducing the environmental impact of their manufacture, transportation and sales. Epson also contributes to broader environmental conservation by reducing the environmental impact of customer work processes through its unique products and to the sustainable development of its customers' business and society in general.

Epson 25 Corporate Vision

SE15 Environmental Corporate Vision Review


Epson rolled out business based on the SE15 mid-term environmental policy it established in 2010. As a result, we achieved energy- and resource-saving targets for reducing the environmental impacts of our products. We also achieved market launch objectives for products and services that are designed from a new perspective and lead to improved customer environmental performance. We achieved the environmental performance objectives for the Epson Group as a whole by taking action to reduce energy and water use in production. Meanwhile, it became clear that integrating manufacturing and sales to help customers reduce their environmental impacts will be a key to achieving Environmental Vision 2050.


New Perspective Launched digital inkjet textile printers and business inkjet printers equipped with high-yield replaceable ink packs and which positively impact the behavior and businesses of customers.
Products Provided eco-conscious products such as extremely compact, energy-efficient printers and projectors that use a laser light source with a long service life.
Production Achieved the CO2 emissions reduction target for the Epson Group as a whole.
CO2 emissions were reduced by 43% compared to FY2006 (the target was 35%).
Eco Community Conducted environmental education and environmental community service programs around the world using Epson products and technologies.


  • Require deeper analysis of customer and social needs
  • Require creating and providing environmental value in both existing and new businesses

2015 Goals

New Perspective
Going beyond only reducing the environmental impacts of products themselves, Epson proposes new products, services, functions, and uses that change the behavior and businesses of customers.

Create compelling, customer-pleasing products that have a 50% lower impact across their life cycle by making them smaller and lighter, reducing their power requirements, designing them for easy recycling, and extending their service life.

Achieve efficient, low-impact production processes that will provide underlying support for greener products in conjunction with programs that reduce total costs and raise quality.

Eco Community
We are challenging ourselves to achieve new socially and economically sustainable practices through environmental community action centered on products and services.

Defining the New Perspective

We define the new perspective as a view toward taking action to create and provide innovative products and services that dramatically reduce the environmental footprint of our customers.
Helping customers shrink their environmental footprint is part of our duty as a manufacturer and is something we intend to do going forward.

Environmental Performance

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