Epson and the Environment

Environmental History

The cleaning center

1991 Cleaning center

After quickly establishing CFC-free technology, Epson actively supported the efforts of partner companies (outside and on-site contractors) to eliminate the use of CFCs. As part of this effort, Epson set up a shared, CFC-free cleaning center in the former Shimauchi Plant and invited partners to use it.

Tsuneya Nakamura (second from the right)
accepting the award from the EPA.

1992 CFC-elimination program recognition

In 1992 Epson received the first of six consecutive Stratospheric Ozone Protection Awards (both Corporate and Individual Awards) from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in recognition of the company's CFC-elimination program and individual accomplishments therein.

Tsuneya Nakamura, then Chairman of Seiko Epson, commented at the time, "When it became clear that CFCs were damaging the ozone layer, we quickly made a decision to phase them out of our operations. At first, I didn't think the decision was that big of a deal. Only later, when we were selected for this honor, did it dawn on me what we had accomplished.

EAI volunteers at coastal cleanup

1993 Local programs go global

Volunteer programs sprouted up across the Epson Group to foster harmony with local communities. In 1993, Epson America, Inc. (EAI) won a Waste Reduction Award from the state of California for its volunteer coastal cleanup program as well as its waste reduction efforts

Environmental awareness posters

1998 The second environmental benchmark year

In 1998, a decade after the launch of the CFC elimination program and the year that Epson uses as its second environmental benchmark year, Epson established a general environmental action plan for addressing a range of environmental problems and formed six expert committees.

  • Environmental Product Committee
  • Energy Saving Committee
  • Zero Emissions Committee
  • Product Recycling Committee
  • Chemical Substance Control Committee
  • Green Purchasing Committee

Environmental Report for 1999

1999 Began publishing environmental reports

In 1999 Epson began publishing an annual environmental report to inform the public of its environmental actions and to get public feedback that could be used to help shape future actions. In 2003 we began publishing an annual Sustainability Report that covers not only our environmental actions but also our social programs.