Epson and the Environment

Environmental History

Full illumination control
system fader console

Daylight sensor

1983 Energy saving programs

Since 1980 Epson has carried out programs to save energy by setting energy reduction targets, conducting site energy patrols, installing energy-efficient equipment, and much more. In 1983, the Shoen Plant (now part of the Hirooka office) installed a system with microcontrollers to control lighting fixtures within the factory. The dramatic energy savings that resulted prompted the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan to recognize the Shoen Plant with a Good Lighting Award.

CFC awareness poster

1988 CFC-free declaration

In 1988, a year that would become the first benchmark year for Epson's environmental programs, Epson became the world's first company to announce that it would completely phase out the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in its global operations. Thanks to an intensive Epson Group-wide effort to eliminate these ozone-depleting substances, we became CFC-free in Japan in 1992 and worldwide the following year.