Epson and the Environment

Eco Corporate Citizenship

Introduction of localized environmental conservation programs and corporate citizenship programs that leverage Epson's products and services.

Conservation of Wildlife Resources (Taiwan)

Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) is doing volunteer work in organic tea gardens to protect the Taiwan blue magpie, a unique bird of Taiwan. Twenty-two ETT employees and family members participated in a tea leaf picking experience held in September.

Bioswale Added to Clean Storm Water (United States)

Water running off pavements contains pollutants like oil and car exhaust. To prevent pollution in rivers, Epson Portland Inc. (EPI) created a marshy area next to its parking lot for workers and visitors. The feature, known as a bioswale, is designed to prevent pollution from reaching the river system. Rain running off the parking lot is channeled into the bioswale, where plants and soil work as natural filters to remove sediments, oils, heavy metals, and other pollutants before the runoff reaches the groundwater. At 45 meters in width, the bioswale treats runoff from a parking lot measuring 6,900 square meters.

The bioswale, designed to filter out pollutants in rainwater

The bioswale was a project of EPI, the city of Hillsboro, the local water utility Clean Water Services, and civil engineering students from Portland State University. The project includes signage explaining how the bioswale works. It is a useful model for other businesses installing bioswales and helps to educate the public about water pollution.

Project team

Nature Photography Festival Support (Germany)

In 2013, Epson Deutschland GmbH (EDG) became a premium partner of the Horizonte Festival and lent its expertise in the printing of photos for the festival. Held in Zingst, an area on the Baltic coast, the festival is aimed at raising environmental awareness via the powerful visual tool of photography.

Photos output using a SureColor SC-S series large-format printer

Raptor Rescue (Croatia)

To help preserve wildlife in Croatia and the surrounding region, Epson supports the Croatian Raptor Rescue Center.

Wild raptors inhabit Croatia and surrounding areas

Hand-Made Artificial Reefs (Thailand)

Employees of Epson Precision (Thailand) Ltd. (EPTH) built an artificial reef to be installed off Dong-Tran beach to provide a refuge and breeding ground for aquatic life forms. Personnel from the Royal Thai Navy explained and demonstrated how to make the reef, which required that EPTH's members work together to assemble a set consisting of 25 pieces of plastic piping. When deployed in the sea, it will become a home for sea life.

Assembling plastic pipes to create an artificial reef

Energy Patrol activity (Japan, Taiwan)

Believing that environmental problems are better addressed through collaboration than competition, Epson participates in a program that sends engineer volunteers who belong to an cross-enterprise network out into the community to advise local businesses about ways to conserve energy. The catalyst for this program was a pamphlet distributed to local enterprises containing energy-saving tips and technologies developed by Epson. Reaction to the pamphlet was positive, and Epson began receiving requests from companies to assess their energy use and recommend ways to save. Epson responded by forming the Suwa Regional Energy Patrol Team, in 2000. In 2005 the name was changed to the Shinshu Energy Patrol Team to reflect an expansion in the geographical scope of the program. Then, in 2010, using know-how from the Shinshu Energy Patrol Team, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. (ETT) partnered with local companies and groups to launch the Taiwan Energy Patrol Program to cover even more territory.

On an energy patrol in Taiwan

* Shinshu Energy Patrol Team has completed its current project, and Nagano Prefecture is considering ways to building on its success.

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