Epson and the Environment


Epson's initiatives to mitigate global warming revolve around reducing CO2 emissions by conserving energy, and reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) other than CO2.

We set an SBTi-validated target of reducing scopes 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 19% compared to FY2017 by 2025. In FY2018, we made progress toward this target by achieving a 15% reduction in GHG emissions through energy-saving initiatives at each of our sites. A reduction of approximately 63,000 tonnes, representing 70% of the total, was realized in part by signing long-term contracts to purchase renewable energy from hydroelectric power generators and other green utilities. We have raised the rate of renewable energy use from less than 1% to approximately 12%.
Our energy use is expected to increase as we grow our business. However, we will achieve our target primarily through energy-saving initiatives, including production innovations, as well as by using low-carbon electricity.

15% Reduction
Scope 1, 2 emissions
(compared to FY2017)

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