Biodiversity Conservation

We both benefit from and affect biodiversity in myriad ways. Epson believes that preserving biodiversity is also vital to maintaining our business activities and our employees' lifestyles. Basically, we look to preserve biodiversity throughout our business activities and to raise employee awareness of its importance.

Epson and biodiversity

We are steadily mitigating the impact of five factors that cause biodiversity loss with initiatives in climate change strategy, resource recycling and conservation, and pollution prevention and chemical management.

Factor Relationship to Epson Theme Main Initiatives
Climate change Greenhouse gas emissions Climate change strategy Energy-saving product designs
Production and transport measures
Land use Land alternations accompanying underground resource mining Resource recycling
Resource saving
Reduced-resource products and recycling
Reduced resource inputs
Waste recycling
Non-native species Introduced along with imports of raw materials, parts, etc.
Overconsumption Consumption of timber resources
Pollution Release of chemicals into the environment due to insufficient control Pollution prevention and chemical management Reduced inclusion in products and use during manufacturing of hazardous substances

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