Customer Commitment


Epson's CS and quality policies and organizations are designed to achieve customer satisfaction, one of the core commitments included in Epson's Management Philosophy.

Quality Policy

Epson seeks to provide products and services that earn customer satisfaction with an all-hands commitment to the quality policy below.

Quality Policy

  1. We will solve problems by directly observing all of our operations and processes.
  2. We will quickly complete the Plan, Do, Check & Act (PDCA) cycle in all situations.
  3. We will thoroughly analyze any failures, and establish procedures based on that analysis, so that mistakes are never repeated.
  4. We will proactively consider our customers' satisfaction so they will genuinely prefer purchasing Epson products and feel confident using them.
  5. We will seize the opportunity presented by customer comments and complaints to inform our decisions when designing new products.
  6. We will readily report even negative information.
  7. We will foster a climate in which attention is paid to even the most commonplace events.

Vision for Mid-Range CS & Quality Initiatives

Epson implements CS & quality programs in line with its Mid-Range CS & Quality Action Policy, which is based on its Quality Policy and that stipulates its vision for creating products and services that please customers and earn their trust.


Earn strong trust from customers by taking innovative approaches to improving the quality of the overall product commercialization process and quickly achieving a level of quality that exceeds customer expectations.

Quality Assurance Program Organization

Epson carries out actions to assure quality across the Epson Group. A Quality Assurance Council and project teams solve shared issues and serious problems. In addition, we manage our quality assurance programs by periodically assessing and reviewing the state of quality and the progress of actions, reporting the results to the president, and formulating and implementing policies for further improvement.