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Epson Releases Social Responsibility Highlights

Brand-new Highlights Report of Social Responsibility and Environment

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Epson has released Sustainability Report Highlights. The latest report complements Epson's Sustainability Report, a detailed and comprehensive report on all the company's CSR activities. Both reports can be accessed from the following page.


"Highlights" is a compact and easy-to-understand report featuring topics and data about Epson's CSR activities in FY2014. Some of the topics covered are as follows:

Leveraging Unique Sensing Technologies (pages 5 to 8)

Here we show how Epson's high-precision sensing technology contributes to people's quality of life. We include examples of how this technology is included in products for healthcare and sports to provide customers with even greater scientific support. We also see how the Moverio BT-2000 smart headset can improve work efficiency and productivity, and how Epson sensors are used in infrastructure and in experiments aimed at mitigating the risk of natural disasters.

Tests aimed at mitigating the risk of natural disasters

Integrated Environmental & Business Strategy (pages 9 to 10)

Epson products and services that are designed from a new perspective make your work and life easier and sharply reduce your environmental impacts. This article introduces activities that reduce environmental impacts by printers designed from a new perspective. In some geographies, printers with replaceable ink pack system - or RIPS - technology include a managed print service with a choice of printers as well as ink and maintenance for a fixed monthly fee.

Printers with RIPS technology