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Epson Mexico Prints History and Culture

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Epson Mexico has introduced advanced printing technology to its efforts to provide ongoing support for local arts and culture. In the latest program, the company has used its state-of-the-art professional large format printers to enhance the works in the permanent exhibition of the University Museum of Science and Arts Guanal, in southern Mexico.

The renowned Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printer was selected to reproduce images reflecting the history of the region. With the latest in inkjet technology, including the advanced MicroPiezo TFP printhead, the printer is perfectly able to express the feelings photographers want to convey through his lens.

The photographic collection of the Guanal Museum's permanent exhibition is divided into old and modern. The first part contains documents belonging to various local and national collections that illustrate the history of the region. Since November 2014, Epson has helped to reproduce digitally the old photographic documents before they were lost forever. The second part of the exhibition brings together outstanding photographic works by artists with international experience who have created works in the local Ciudad Del Carmen.

"Epson is helping to explain the origins of the modern community of Ciudad de Carmen. I feel we are contributing to the community be using our large format printing capabilities to bring these images to life," said Mauricio Doce, Promotion and Advertising Manager, Epson Mexico.