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Epson Italy Rewarded for Environmental Commitment

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Like other Epson Group companies, Epson Italy is firmly committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its business operations. Although many of these individual environmental efforts are small in scale, the company is delighted that the accumulation of these activities has resulted in recognition by prestigious third-party organizations.

The most recent prize earned by Epson Italy was presented by the National Packaging Consortium (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi, CONAI). CONAI, which sets extremely strict parameters for product packaging, has rewarded Epson's efforts to reduce the impact of its series of Expression inkjet printers compared to the previous series. In particular, Epson reduced the corrugated cardboard used in the packaging of the Expression Home XP-402 inkjet printer from 816 to 690 grams, polystyrene trays from 87 to 75 grams and polyethylene film 29 to 16 grams. Epson also reduced the packaging size with the result that 40 boxes can now be packed onto a pallet in comparison with 36 for the previous model.

Epson Italy staff celebrate receiving environmental awards.

This prestigious award follows others received by Epson Italy last year. One of these was the CompraVerde Forum - BuyGreen prize in the Vendor Rating and Sustainable Procurement category. This prize is aimed at enterprises that integrate sustainability criteria into the process of selecting and approving the suppliers, goods and services they purchase. Epson Italy also received a mention in the Sustainable Development Award 2013 in the Eco-design category. In this case, was recognized for point-of-sale (POS) printers that reduced paper costs by 30%, the ecological footprint by 22% and energy consumption by 85% compared to competitors' models. In addition, Epson's TM-T88V became the first thermal receipt printer to receive Energy Star certification. Epson Italy is also very active internally. The company has put in place concrete measures in its headquarters to transform small everyday habits, such as coffee breaks, into an opportunity to contribute to the reduction of global warming. A significant example is the timer connected to hot beverage machines that allows the company to save 340kWh per year and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 0.7 tons.

Epson Italy has taken a number of steps to improve its energy efficiency and reduce the amount of CO2 produced. In addition to using recycled materials and eco-friendly vehicles, the company has implemented several other initiatives including the installation of photovoltaic panels on its roof (18.000 kWh produced and 10 tons fewer CO2 emissions per year), the use of LED lamps to lower energy consumption by 40% compared to the previous bulbs, and turning off the electricity on the company sign for four hours a day throughout the year (17.500 kWh, and about 9,285 kg of CO2 saved). Epson Italy's commitment is ongoing. Every day, the company even publishes on its intranet, a small practical suggestion to help employees contribute to save environment in the office or at home.