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Tianjin Epson Providing Employment to Persons with Disabilities

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Responding to a request by the Tianjin Association of Persons with Disabilities, Chinese affiliate Tianjin Epson Co., Ltd., since 2004 has been hiring persons with disabilities. By October 2013, the company had hired 20 such workers, comprising approximately 2% of the total workforce.

Tianjin Epson assigns these workers to suitable tasks based on factors such as the type and severity of their disability. This positive attitude has changed preconceived ideas that persons with disabilities need help in the workplace because able-bodied coworkers can see that their colleagues do not necessarily need special help. Disabled employees are assigned the same work, expectations, and pay as their able-bodied coworkers. By doing so, Tianjin Epson provides such staff with a place where they can embody their own worth.

Folding cleanroom garments

The female employee shown in the photo on the left is the mother of a six-month-old baby. The woman lost hearing in both ears due to an illness as an infant. After completing compulsory education at a special school for the deaf, she joined Tianjin Epson after receiving an introduction from the Tianjin Association of Persons with Disabilities. With the company for six years now, she is responsible for cleaning and replacing the company's cleanroom garments.

The male employee shown in the photo on the right lost three fingers on his right hand in an occupational accident before he joined the company. He has overcome the disadvantages of his condition on the job and competently accomplishes the work with which he is tasked.

Ironing cleanroom garments

Both employees work well with other Epson employees and proudly contribute to the company.