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Epson Taiwan Marks Third Year of Green Talent Program

- Students picked for Hokkaido study visit -

Green Talent students visit Epson's Chitose plant

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To foster a new generation of leaders who can help create a sustainable society, Epson Taiwan has since 2011 been sponsoring an environmental education program called the Green Talent Program. The program is for university and graduate school students.

In June this year 90 students participated in a two-day training program in Taipei that focused on green manufacturing and marketing. Included in the program were lectures by an official in charge of marketing in the Green Trade Project Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and by executive officers of companies that are proactively trying to reduce their environmental impacts. The program also included hands-on experience in recycling. Twelve of the students were selected following an interview and written examination to visit Hokkaido in the autumn to learn about and see first-hand some of the many environmentally considerate ideas implemented at Epson's Chitose Plant and other locations.

At the Chitose Plant, the students learned about specific practices that have been implemented to help ensure that the plant's operations are compatible with the surrounding environment. They also learned about the types of actions being taken in the fabrication facility to ensure effective resource use and to conserve energy.
In addition, to commemorate their visit to the Chitose Plant, all participants planted rowans, trees that can thrive even in the cold northern Hokkaido climate.

One of the events that the students most eagerly awaited during their visit was a trip to the Sapporo Dome to watch a professional baseball game. Before the game they toured the stadium to learn about its eco-friendly facilities, including those for improving energy efficiency and actions taken to encourage the proper sorting and recycling of mountains of refuse. Afterwards, they waved hand-made flags as they cheered on their favorite Taiwanese player.

The students also had an opportunity to engage in discussions with Japanese students about CSR activities, take in the beautiful scenery of Shikotsuko, and soak in a hot spring. They fully enjoyed an array of events that not only provided them with a chance to learn ideas for preserving the environment but that also expanded their horizons.