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Epson Taiwan Projector Movie Project Marks One Thousandth Viewing

- Using Epson technology to help bridge the rural - urban divide -

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For five years, Epson Taiwan has cooperated with 25 schools across seven counties in Taiwan with the aim of narrowing the gap between urban and rural regions. The Projector Movie Fun project uses Epson's market-leading high-brightness projectors to bring the big-screen experience to children in rural communities. With the recent showing of Ice Age: Continental Drift at the Da Yin Elementary School, Sanshing Township, Yilan County, the project marked its 1,000th viewing. Coincidentally, Epson Taiwan estimates that the same occasion brought the accumulated number of viewers to more than 100,000.

For city kids, there is nothing unusual about going to a movie theater. But for kids in remote mountain villages, the nearest big screen cinema is often too far away to be practical. Epson Taiwan's project lends schools in remote villages projectors and related equipment, and also entertaining and educational films. The company also assigns staff to help support the movie viewings, and runs drawing and writing competitions to further stimulate the children's interest.

Over the years, Epson Taiwan has invested over NT $3,500,000 dollars in the project. The company hopes the project will familiarize and stimulate the children with digital imaging, and inspire them to learn more.

In celebration of the 1,000th movie showing famous writer Hsiao Yeh to the Da Yin Elementary School, which is located at the foot of Mt. SyueShan. Passionate about children's education, Hsiao Yeh inspired the children by telling them of how he achieved his childhood dream of becoming a writer.

Ching-Yong Wu, Director of Yilan County Government Education Department, and Pi-Ching Chen, Principal of DaYin Elementary School, both attended the event and presented the company with a certificate of appreciation. "We are indebted to Epson Taiwan for offering its projectors and other resources to five elementary schools in Yilan County," said Director Wu. "Compared with other regions, Yilan County is fortunate to have so many schools admitted to this project. This project allows our pupils to learn more and experience more by watching movies."