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Epson Germany Supports Environmental Photography

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Epson Germany is reaffirming its commitment to the environment by supporting environmental photofestivals, including the renowned "horizonte" festival held at Zingst on Germany's Baltic coast earlier this year. The company became the festival's premium partner for print and projection for the third successive year.

The festival's guiding principle is that photography increases environmental awareness through visual means, and Epson enthusiastically participated by using its state-of-the-art Epson SureColor SC-S series printers to print over 1,400 square metres used in 25 indoor and outdoor displays on site. The exhibition included the "Life-Size Elephants" open air installation by Austrian photographer and filmmaker Klaus Reisinger.

"Sustainable business and environmental protection are core elements of our corporate philosophy. It's a real stroke of luck when a festival's objective and a company's message overlap to such an extent. That is why Epson feels committed to doing all it can to support the message being imparted by the photographers and all who build on the power of the printed image", asserted Epson Germany Managing Director Henning Ohlsson. "The festival's spectrum matches the technological diversity we can bring to bear here - whether in the Digigraphie Gallery, in indoor and outdoor photo displays, multimedia shows, print workshops or the print studio. We are delighted to be partnering the festival again this year.

"High image quality is at the heart of the cooperation between Epson and the festival,"added Ohlsson. "A perfect print brings images to life. It makes the photographer's stories tangible in the truest sense of the word. The outdoor displays are particularly technically challenging. High quality also means great durability - and the prints have to be able to withstand the harsh weather conditions by the sea in Zingst. We are superbly equipped for this."

Epson Germany has also supported exhibitions of camel photographs by Ralf Baumgarten in Dubai, and also plans to be involved in other such exhibitions going forward.