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Epson and Partners Expand Energy-Saving Efforts throughout Taiwan

- Diagnosis services now available in southern Taiwan -

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Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. is delighted to announce the expansion of the Taiwan Energy-saving Patrol Team.

Established in 2010 by Epson Taiwan and the Business Council for Sustainable Development of Taiwan (BCSD-Taiwan), an NPO, the team aims to provide enterprises and organizations in Taiwan with free energy-saving diagnosis services. The result of the team's efforts so far has been 47 diagnoses. If only 30% of the improvement proposals based on the diagnoses were carried out, up to 3,000 metric tons of carbon emissions could be reduced every year. This is the equivalent of planting 248,000 trees.

Seeking to broaden the scope and area of the team, Epson Taiwan and BCSD-Taiwan has now expanded the organization and created the Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol Union. The hope is to recruit more enterprises, and promote the energy-saving cause in every corner of Taiwan.

Everest Textile, an affiliate of the Far Eastern Group, was the first to respond and took the lead in establishing the Energy-Saving Patrol Team of Southern Taiwan. Everest recruited eight enterprises in the region, including Miura Boiler Co., Ltd. and TECO to form a 15-member team to provide enterprises with professional energy-saving diagnosis services throughout the south.

To jump-start the new team, Epson Taiwan and Everest Textile hosted a training workshop for members of the Energy-Saving Patrol Team of Southern Taiwan on April 25. Members of the northern team shared their expertise, protocols and diagnosing experience on energy-saving programs for air conditioning, lighting, and boilers.

In addition to developments in southern Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom has also taken the initiative to establish the Chunghwa Telecom Energy-Saving Service Team as part of the Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol Union. Through this comprehensive networking approach, Epson Taiwan hopes to deliver more effective energy-saving diagnosis services to achieve better carbon reduction results and contribute to energy saving by industrial enterprises throughout Taiwan.

For more information about the Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol Team, please visit the BCSD-Taiwan website: