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Saving Energy with Epson Workforce Printers

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Concern for the environment has intensified recently as rising energy costs and concerns about nuclear power bring urgency to the need to save electricity. This concern is apparent among both individual and corporate consumers, for whom energy consumption has become an important factor when selecting office equipment.

Understanding these concerns, Epson launched its WorkForce series of business inkjet printers that use up to 80% less than their laser equivalents. "Whether its running cost, print quality, speed or energy consumption, Epson's WorkForce business inkjets have many advantages over laser printers," said Henning Ohlsson, general manager of Epson Germany. "However, laser printers have long been standard in offices, and it's our task to use imaginative ways to show them customers how the latest inkjet technology addresses our customers' concerns."

Held in Hannover, Germany, from March 5 to 9, CeBIT is one of Europe's largest IT exhibitions. At the show, Epson used a couple of inventive methods to show how WorkForce inkjet printers contributed to saving electricity and reducing office energy bills.

First, Epson hooked up an Epson WorkForce Pro 4595 DNF inkjet printer to a bicycle dynamo. By pedalling for about two minutes, customers were able to generate the 30 watts needed to start up the printer and print out the first page. Every customer who tried, regardless of age or physical condition, succeeded in making the print.

On the other hand, the laser printer requires 700 watts to perform the same task - a feat that would be impossible for even professional or Olympic cyclists.

Epson also used thermal photography to show the amount of heat generated by the two types of printer. The images clearly showed how little electricity the business inkjet printer used compared to its laser.

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