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Epson Taiwan Holds Student CSR Training Program in Japan

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As part of its Green Talent Program*, Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd., held from September 11 to 14 a workshop at Tohoku Epson Corporation in Japan. The workshop followed on from another workshop held in Taipei in June.


The Green Talent Program is an education program for students established by Epson Taiwan in 2011. The purposes of the program are to improve the students' knowledge of environmental and CSR issues, and to nurture future corporate leaders with a deep understanding of sustainability issues. The program comprises a series of lectures by external speakers and hands-on experience of industrial facilities at Epson and other companies.

Tohoku Epson is located in a rural area by the sea in the north of Japan. As one of Epson's major manufacturing sites, the company is responsible for producing inkjet printer components and semiconductors. Tohoku Epson has a long history of seeking to reduce the environmental burden of its operations, and stepped up its energy saving program in response to the electricity shortages that followed the earthquake and tsunami that struck the region last year.

At the workshop, Tohoku Epson staff lectured the students on environmentally conscious manufacturing techniques and on the reconstruction process that followed the disaster. The students then had the chance to tour the manufacturing facilities.

Participating students take notes as they listen to an explanation of energy saving techniques.

Participants also met employees of Epson Swan Corporation, a special subsidiary established to secure employment for people with special needs. They then assisted the Epson Swan employees in arranging gloves used in the cleaning process, helped to clean the work areas, and enjoyed lunch together in the staff canteen.

At the end of the workshop, the students asked a number of incisive questions about specialized subjects such as the plant's waste water treatment facility and the balance between environmental and economic needs. There was also a lively debate about the employment situation in the region and disclosing environmental information to the local community.

The students asked a series of questions

In addition to studying about environmentally-conscious manufacturing and comprehensive energy management, the participating students learned about the importance of each individual employee and the policies of Tohoku Epson's management. They were impressed by how the employees listened carefully to their comments and questions, and the open and positive corporate culture.

* Approximately 100 students applied via the Internet to join Epson Taiwan's Green Talent Program. Of these, 50 were selected to join a two-day workshop in Taiwan. After a series of essays and interviews, nine of the students were chosen to join the workshop in Japan.