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Epson Taiwan Launches 2012 Green Talent Workshop

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Epson Taiwan introduced its Green Talent program in 2011. Through this program, Epson aims to cultivate and educate undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in corporate social responsibility (CSR). By learning about and experiencing CSR and environmental protection through the program, the hope is that these young students will become the next generation of leaders to promote a sustainable Taiwan.

This year's course was held in late June at Epson Taiwan's offices in Taipei. In response to global trends and environmental changes, the theme of this year's program was, "The Response of Enterprise to Global Warming." The main training course therefore focused on green production, green supply chain, green marketing, and energy resources saving. Epson staff members also guided the students to public spaces to teach them about detecting energy use and to show them how companies efficiently achieve environmental management.

Students performing garbage classification

Students who passed the test at the end of this workshop were awarded a certificate approved by the Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development and also the Green Trade Project Office, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. This recognition indicates the high regard by government authorities for the initial green talent certificate. Ten of the fifty participating students this year also participated the previous year, and relished the opportunity to experience professional training in different aspects of CSR.

Through a serious of training programs and experiences, Epson expects the participants to implement what they have learned in their future careers. The company also hopes they can exert a strong influence on the promotion of environmental consciousness.