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Children of Epson Employees Win Special Awards at Kids' ISO Ceremony

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Three children of Epson employees received Special Awards at the awarding ceremony of international certificates for the Kids' ISO 14000 Program, which is supported by Epson.

The event was held on Saturday, February 18 at United Nations University, located in Tokyo, Japan.

The ceremony was held at UN University
Certificate awarding ceremony

The Kids' ISO 14000 Program is an environmental education support program for children. Developed by a Japan-based NGO known as ArTech, the Kids' ISO 14000 Program is based on the ISO 140001 international standard and teaches children methods for managing energy conservation, recycling and other environmental conservation activities.

To raise environmental awareness among employees and their families, Epson introduced the program for children of employees in 2002. Nearly 400 children have participated so far.

The three recipients in this year's program acted as the environmental management leader in their family and made various achievements such as:

  • Created and utilized a rainwater collection system made from plastic bottles;
  • Suggested efficient cooking techniques with a pressure cooker;
  • Made compost from food waste.

The awards were granted in recognition of the children's efforts to use the results of their actions to drive continuous improvements in their families.

Special award winners

When families participate in and work toward the goals of the program, not only does it improve the environmental awareness of the children but also of the parents who are Epson employees.

Epson hopes that this improves employees' motivation toward environmental activities in their work.